Tessellation parameters based on CAD bounding box dimensions?


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    Andreas Strunski

    Hello Bruno,

    We have already addressed this question in our email correspondence. To ensure that all necessary information is provided, I will paste the answer below.



    While it's possible to set up scene rules that define tessellation parameters based on the bounding box size, the computed bounding box dimensions cannot be used as a variable in the tessellation settings. What you could do instead is to set up tessellation parameters for predefined ranges of the bounding sphere radius. For example:

    • If Mesh.BoundingSphere.Radius < 1, use Maximum Deviation of 1.0 and Maximum Edge Length 0.1
    • If Mesh.BoundingSphere.Radius >= 1 AND < 10, use Maximum Deviation of 0.1 and Maximum Edge Length 1.0
    • ...

    However, it's worth mentioning that InstaLOD already automatically computes a maximum deviation value that is suited for the scene size. Furthermore, we typically recommend densely tessellating a mesh (maximum deviation 0.01 or less) and then using InstaLOD's optimizer to reduce the polygon count. The optimizer is sensitive to the scale of the objects and optimizes small objects more heavily than large objects.

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