Branched Chains




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    Andreas Strunski

    Hello Chris,

    Please excuse the delayed response.

    When using the Previous Output As Input option, it's impossible to branch an operation's output into its predecessors. As a workaround, you can simply execute steps 1 and 2 first and then run the optimization and the remeshing in parallel. This can also be achieved without storing the operations in different profiles.

    First, enable POAI and disable the OP and RE entries. Please also make sure to disable the export of the MM operation.


    After processing these steps, you can disable POAI and toggle all operations:


    When using InstaLOD Studio XL, this workaround does not have any downside. After running the operations, you'll have access to the LOD tabs that allow toggling between the remeshing and optimization results, as well as the ability to use the timeline to go back to the previous steps (see screenshot below).




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  • SFSimDev

    That's great. Thanks for the detailed response Andreas I'll give that a whirl! Much appreciated :D


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