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    Andreas Strunski

    Hello Tim,

    Please excuse us for not getting back to you sooner.

    We've received reports of such an issue after installing one of the latest Windows 11 updates. Could you please confirm if that was the case on your end as well?

    We are currently testing a fix that should be integrated into an upcoming update, which we plan to release very soon. As a workaround, we have enabled the virtualization entitlement in your account until the issue is resolved. After authorizing the machine again, you shouldn't see the error message anymore. 

    You mentioned that you have also experienced other issues with InstaLOD. Please feel free to report those here in the InstaLOD Community, as well.



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  • Tim Whitt

    Once again same issue. Now met with this message

    InstaLOD Pipeline failed to authorize this machine.

    Please review the InstaLOD Pipeline output below:
    InstaLOD Pipeline 2020 v4.1 (build Dec 20 2019 18:39:30 RELEASE) InstaLOD SDK 2020 v4.0 (build Dec  4 2019 17:17:47 RELEASE) ...loaded 4 InstaLOD SDK plugins from directory "C:\Users\whitt\OneDrive\Documents\InstaLODPipeline_2020c\" ------------------------------------------------- Failed to acquire license: Max activation count reached.  

    Problem is it is the same exact machine. Why am I having to go through this every time windows updates. I get locked out of InstaLOD and it is killing my workflow. 


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  • Tim Whitt

    SOLVED another InstaLOD member corrected the issue. Thanks


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