InstaLOD chrashes after starting with Remote Desktop




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    Andreas Strunski

    Hello Boris,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Such an issue could occur when the GPU of the remote machine is not available for real-time rendering in InstaLOD Studio XL. Are you using Windows Remote Desktop or another application to connect to the remote machine? We currently don't have any reports of such a crash when the Windows Remote Desktop client is used.

    I'd also recommend checking if the GPU drivers are up to date on the remote machine.



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  • Simon P


    If I might chime in here really quick.I had a similar issue in the past. And the reason / solution was:

    Windows does not use (or provide) GPU driver access for remote desktop or teamviewer if there is no screen connected / if the screen is turned off. For me any GPU accelerated program appeared black.

    -> Turn on your monitor (no need to log in) on the original machine and it should work.



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  • Younes B

    Hello all,

    we have a very similar problem:

    Instalod Studio Xl is installed on a remote machine. When we try to start the software, it crashes without an error message.

    We have received a Free Seat license with remote function to test the application and possibly buy it later.

    Unfortunately, the plugin does not work either.

    The workaround with the monitor does not work here.

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  • Andreas Strunski
    Hello Younes,
    Which remote access application are you using?
    Such an issue typically occurs if InstaLOD Studio XL cannot initialize the viewport due to missing GPU drivers. Have you tried using Studio XL on the machine locally? Does the computer have a graphics card?
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