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    Andreas Strunski

    Hello Avinash,

    Please excuse the delayed response.

    We have moved the InstaLOD Community to a new web page, where your question has already been answered:

    For convenience, I'm copying the reply below.



    Unfortunately, there was an issue in our automated deployment system, which caused the old library to be left behind. However, the new library is included in the build, and only a few steps are required to get InstaLOD for Unity up and running again.

    1. Open Finder and navigate to the InstaLOD directory within your project.
    2. Open the subdirectory InstaLOD/Editor/DLLs/Mac and delete the file InstaLODUnityNative.bundle.
    3. Rename the file libInstaLODUnityNative.dylib to InstaLODUnityNative.bundle.

    We will address this problem in the upcoming update.

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  • yuxuan tang

    This issue is also in Windows


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